Saturday, 9 June 2012

Baby Bonny

I've been out working in the garden for a wee while today, weeding and tidying up again.
The weeds seem to grow so fast at this time of year. Milder weather and plenty watering from Mother nature seams to help them along.

I thought today I'd share this portrait I did of my, then 15 year old son, playing with a bit of string with his gran's new wee kitten "Bonny".

Kittens and cats are very entertaining with this natural hunting instinct when the prey is made of wool or cotton. Not so much when they get older and they bring home "presents" of the live variety.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a lovely Saturday. 

Alexandra x


  1. Now... is this a sketch or a photograph? If it's a photograph, I must say you're very clever with your photo editing. I love the effect. The subject matter is pretty darn sweet, too. If it's a sketch, I'm going to fall out of my chair!

  2. Awesome work that is fantastic!!


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