Sunday, 10 June 2012

Thank You card, and a sketch for you

I've just returned to sketching and drawing recently, only really since I've been off work. I've been unwell since May.
While I was off the lovely residents and staff of the sheltered housing complex where I'm manager surprised me with this gorgeous arrangement of flowers.

They certainly cheered me up. The bamboo which the butterfly is attached to started to root in the water so I'm going to plant it to see if it'll grow.
I've never had a bamboo plant before, so if it survives, I will.

I made this card for them to say thanks.

The flower image is from a sketch I did, inspired by an older photo of some pretty Chrysanthimum daisies from Leslie's blog  Goldens and Garden . Leslie is so good with her camera and the photos from her garden are lovely.
This is one of the sketches I sent to Leslie. I checked with her first that it okay for me to share the resulting sketches from her photos, she agreed, and is happy for me to do this.
When she posted this photo on her blog, I don't think she liked the cheeky fly much but I thought it looked natural and added a bit of extra interest to the composition.

Feel free to use this image here too, if you want to.

I return to work on Monday so I won't have as much time then for this then, but I hope to keep on being creative and sharing here when I can.

I'd love to hear from you, let me know what you think.

Have a great day and thanks for popping by.

Alexandra x


  1. Thank you for sharing your image. When I get home from traveling I will print it off and make a card from it. Beautiful sketch. And your card is so pretty. Your coloring is wonderful. Could you share how you colored it?

  2. Thanks Susie, I coloured this with watercolours, and added shadow colours to help with 3D. I wasn't too happy with it so
    I painted in a warm, dark brown background to make the flower image pop. I added a few layers of Spray & Shine gloss varnish (from Crafter's Companion) over the finished painting. I think it made the colours richer too. I hope you enjoy using the sketch.

  3. So beautiful! Love that die you used behind the sentiment!

  4. Thank you for sharing a pic of the lovely bouquet, Alexandra. It's absolutely beautiful, and so is the ribbon. Bet you'll find a use for that as well as the pretty butterfly on the bamboo. Watch that bamboo doesn't get away from you. Most bamboo will take over your garden. It does grow well in pots, though -- large pots, and looks great. Makes a for a striking garden composition. Your coloring of the flowers is impeccable! Love your gentle gradation of colors. I like the dark background, too. I may do something similar when I color this image. It's one of my favorites among many favorites that you sent me! You're very generous to share this beautiful image. I'll be sure to send some folks your way.

  5. Lovely drawing and your coloring of it is just Beautiful, I have enjoyed your sketches on Leslie's blog, your very talented!

  6. Greetings from Buffalo, NY! I've been reading about you on Leslie Miller's blog and your art work is just beautiful! I'm glad you are on the mend and I hope you can keep up with your blog now that you are returning to work. I will be visiting often! Thank you for sharing! Debbie Pokerwinski

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful drawing! Your card is beautiful, too!

  8. Hi,
    Your pencil drawings are so lovely all by themselves...but then you take them to the next level and wow, are they stunning! I bet they won't be getting rid of that card any time soon!
    Michelle :)

  9. Like many of us, I have been drooling over the awesome drawings you have shared with Leslie. You have such a gift! I think all of us are excited to finally get to "meet" you as it were. And thank you for generously sharing the beautiful flower drawing! I can't wait to color it! You did such an amazing job on yours, you & Leslie have set the bar quite high, you know!

  10. Love your African Daisies. Here in our garden they will be coming into flower soon. Thank you for sharing your lovely sketch with us. Your beautiful sketches of Wally and Lulu are just amazing.
    Take care and warm greeting from South Africa.

  11. I just came from Leslie's Blog. She had a link to your Blog so I just had to check it out and so glad I did! Love this flower with the Fly on it. Seems very natural to me! Thank you for sharing.

  12. Wowzers, this looks like a painting! Your work is just exquisite. I found you through Leslie's blog. Well worth the trip.


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