Friday, 29 June 2012

Thanks everyone

First, let me thank everyone who left such lovely comments. I'm overwhelmed with the response this week.  It’s wonderful to know there are so many lovely people out there in blogland and I hope to inspire you  with my art work.
It has reasured me that I made a good and right decision starting my blog, it has been worthwhile and very rewarding for me too!
I'm starting to fall in love with art all over again, as my enjoyment for this had been gathering cobwebs for  many years. I've made excuses not to pick up my pencils or paint. Making cards being one of them, but who says I can't do both?
Having this blog will be the proverbial kick I've been waiting for and will keep me motivated.
Thank you all so much. 

I've been spending a bit of time in my garden tidying and weeding again today, easier to do when the ground has had a good soaking. We've had really heavy rain here in the UK.
It has flattened the big poppy plant I was talking about a few posts ago. There are only a couple of flowers survived on it now. I'd hoped to use it to sketch and photograph it to let you see how pretty it is in flower, but as they say, "No point in crying over spilt milk"

After seeing Leslies pretty card here I thought I'd re-do or edit the Daisy sketch so here's the variation (for those who just want pretty flowers without the fly )
As a BIG thank you for all the lovely comments and for everyone now following my blog, here is another digi sketch. This time a Genarium.
Have a great weekend.

I hope the sun shines and you have a happy 4th of July to all those in the US.

Alexandra x


  1. I love the geranium - thank you so much. We'll be home next week and I can have fun with it.

  2. Alexandra,
    You are an incredible person! I can't believe you are sharing these beautiful drawings with everyone for free. Have you considered starting a digi store? You are so talented, I know you would have no trouble selling these beautiful drawings. You have such a kind heart! The geranium is one of my favorite flowers. I have them in my window boxes! I can't wait to see what I can come up with using this gorgeous drawing. Thank you for all of us!

  3. Alexandra these are absolutely gorgeous! I love coloring all of the cutesy images out there but nature is my first love and you have definitely captured the beauty in it with your drawings.

  4. My friends in Leicester have been saying that they have been getting quite a bit of rain lately, hope you don't get any flooding. We on the other hand are in need of rain, isn't it something how it can be so different from place to place. That is so sweet of you to share another drawing, I need to get these printed out so they are all ready to go :) How neat to be able to just draw whatever you would like to put on a card. Have a great weekend!

  5. Well, I like it with or without the fly. I would have left it on there if I hadn't accidently colored over it with such a dark ink. I tried to bring it back with the colorless blender, but it didn't look right. Now you've shared such a beautiful geranium sketch which I've already saved to my computer. I have a folder named "Alexandra" where I keep your sketches. I imagine you'll be picking up more and more followers as time goes on. You're very generous to share your work. I hope to see a few cards colored up as I visit some of the blogs. What fun!

  6. Alexandra your work is incredible. You're a very talented lady!

    Sarah x

  7. Hi Alexandra, I came over to visit from Kath's blog and I have say that I am blown away by your drawings - they are stunning and it is amazing that you let people use them for free! You should seriously consider having some rubber stamps made up or have some digis produced. They need to be seen by a much wider audience!! Crafty hugs, Anne x

  8. Alexandra your drawings are lovely, I am away from home at the moment, visiting my Daughter, but will download some of them when I get home to use on a couple of projects. I am a lover of Poppies as well, they are my favourite flower, we have lots coming into bud in our garden right now. Watch out on my blog over the next few days for some poppy related projects!

    Anyway, I have become a follower, Judith x

  9. Hi Alexandra!!! Welcome to the blog world:))) I found you through Kath's blog!!! You lucky gal winning those DI's:) Congrats to you! I love your blog!!! Your art is beautiful!!! So glad I found you! I'll visit again soon:)) I am following you now:))
    Have a great day!

  10. thank you for sharing your awesome work! I found you through Sherri! So kind and generous of you!


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