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Friday, 10 August 2012

Zentangle doodle book and another digi for you.

Hi every one, thanks for all your lovely comments and welcome new followers, thanks for joining me here.
Today I wanted to share a wee book I've just decorated. I've had this kicking about for a while I can't remember where I picked it up but always thought it was a bit small for sketching in, but I reckon it's just a nice size for my tangles and it fits neatly in my bag along with a pen and pencil, handy for doodling in waiting rooms etc.

It started off life as a boring Kraft covered board book with an aperture the shape of a butterfly in it.

I used gold paint dabber randomly on it to brighten it up in places and some copper foil scraps stuck on the right side of the aperture with Anitas tacky glue then when dry I darkened this a bit with a black alcohol pen to catch the texture. I doodled the word "Zentangle" in black pen
The first page is kraft paper behind the butterfly, so I decorated inside the aperture with some zentangling, though around this shape I can still doodle some more, as it's still kraft paper around it under the front cover.
I finished it off the front cover with some zentangling then decided to add a splash of colour with alcohol pens too,  the word "Zentangle" in black  was too dark and I didn't like it, so I resued it with Sakura gold shadow pens then highlighted a bit of the tangle patterns with various colours of the same too, though in this photo it looks silver.

I hope you're not fed up with flowers yet. As promised here is another digi sketch. This one is "Sweet peas"
I hope you enjoy this one, I'd love to see what you do with my sketches so please let me know if you use this and if you want to share this with others please point them to my blog and leave me a comment to say you've visited.
Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Happy Birthday David

Today my gorgeous wee grandson David, turned 1 year old.

This was David and myself earlier today.

This week has been a trial though, and things didn't work out as planned.
My daughter became unwell on Friday night and was admitted into hospital on Saturday morning. She only got discharged this pm, and though she's tired and sore, she's doing okay, and is glad to be home.
I had planned to bake David a special "Nok-Tok" cake, but I've been back and forth to the hospital and only managed to start making his cake yesterday afternoon.
I usually bake one day, let the cake cool and rest, then shape, form, and decorate it the following day.

Nok-Tok (character from Cbeebies-WayBuloo), is his favourite and I had planned to make a fully shaped character cake.

This is a quicker version of the cake I had in mind, with NokTok with a birthday balloon on top. I completed this last night around midnight.

I think he still liked it though.

Happy Birthday to our best boy David with lots of xxx's and cuddles, we love you loads!

I hope to post another digi sketch for you soon, now that things are a bit more back to normal.

Thanks again for visiting,

hugs Alexandra

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My second Zentangle doodle

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting me here again today.

I've a busy week ahead next week, where creativity will be in the kitchen again.
I'm making my grandson David, a cake for his first birthday next week. I asked his daddy who his favourite character was for cake ideas and apparently, his favourite character is cbeebies "Nok Tok" from Waybuloo UK kiddies program.
I'll need find him to remind myself what he looks like, I'm out of touch with all these new kids programs but when I find him, I plan to turn him into a cake for David this coming week.

I've been doodling again so here is my lastest tangle. I found it a bit more difficult to start this. I used Sherry's thread that she posted a week past on Tuesday. I didn't get it finished until today, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Confession time: I had to make a few changes due to doodleing late at night, when I was tired, it ended up with dots and squiggles I hadn't planned ..... but as they say there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. I made each of these pen wanderings into part of my design, lol.

Note to self: nodding off with the pen in your hand is not a good idea, :o{

Let me know what you think.

Alexandra x