Thursday, 2 August 2012

My second Zentangle doodle

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting me here again today.

I've a busy week ahead next week, where creativity will be in the kitchen again.
I'm making my grandson David, a cake for his first birthday next week. I asked his daddy who his favourite character was for cake ideas and apparently, his favourite character is cbeebies "Nok Tok" from Waybuloo UK kiddies program.
I'll need find him to remind myself what he looks like, I'm out of touch with all these new kids programs but when I find him, I plan to turn him into a cake for David this coming week.

I've been doodling again so here is my lastest tangle. I found it a bit more difficult to start this. I used Sherry's thread that she posted a week past on Tuesday. I didn't get it finished until today, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Confession time: I had to make a few changes due to doodleing late at night, when I was tired, it ended up with dots and squiggles I hadn't planned ..... but as they say there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. I made each of these pen wanderings into part of my design, lol.

Note to self: nodding off with the pen in your hand is not a good idea, :o{

Let me know what you think.

Alexandra x


  1. hehe doodling while nodding . . . I love it! This is very cool and I love how you added your little extras in . . . AND same string and they are so different! This art always amazes!

    1. Shhh, don't tell anyone but the little extras started off as my sleepy head additions, lol. When I opened my eyes, I thought arggh, No!!! I'll need to start again. Then I looked to see if I could fix it & use these in some other way... so, a bit more doodling later...
      Tah dah! flowery corners. hehe!!

  2. Hi Alexandra, I love zentangle too but could never do such an intricate piece as you have done, it is gorgeous and even if I knew where your happy accidents were it would not detract from the beauty of this piece. You have a real talent......Anne x

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!If you did part of this in your sleep, then you must have been dreaming of beautiful fantasies. It looks like you spent days on it! It could be a lace pattern woven with fairy dust!

  4. wow I can't believe you even attempted this when you were tired, I can't create at all when I am tired, I don't even try anymore, it turned out great!

  5. No matter what you set your hand to it turns out fantastic -- even doodling in your sleep. Oh, if only I had a fraction of your talent...


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