Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Hi everyone,
Thanks for visiting me here again, I do appreciate you all popping by and love reading any comments you leave me. Thanks so much for these.

Sorry I've not been around much this month, I've hardly been on the computer since my dad ended up in hospital 3 weeks ago after a fall at home, between hospital visits, then checking in on him after work each day since he got home I've not had much time to be creative.
I did buy a couple of pumpkins the day before dad's fall, and had planned to carve them both for the visiting ghosts, super heros, princesses and zombies etc. that like to knock on my door on the 31st.

I hate waste so had to do something with them when I got home from work tonight. My brother was with my dad tonight so had a bit of time to do this...

I don't have special pumpkin carving tools and so I lost the wee bat from the left hand side when I was carving it with my small kitchen knife, you can see the wee notch where it was supposed to be. This haunted house was inspired by an image from the rubber stamp sheet "Boo"  from Chocolate Baroque.
The middle of the pumkin was scooped out and made a lovely big pot of "Cream of Pumpkin Soup".

It was delicious!
I checked on google and found out Pumpkins are chock full of nutrition and good stuff too, I forgot to keep the pumpkin seeds to roast them too, these are full of minerals and goodness too.
I do still have the other pumpkin to use though, so I'll have a go at this to see how they turn out.

Of course, I will have to do another carving to decorate the garden with this one too. Hee hee!
Alexandra x



  1. Wow alexandra...your pumpkin is spooktacular and I love Pumpkin soup...sending get well wishes to your dad for a speed recovery...hugs kath xxx

  2. Wow, Alexandra, that is one cool pumpkin! lol! The soup looks delish, too! Hope your Dad is feeling better!

  3. Hello, Alexandra! Amazing carving of the pumpkin, especially considering it was "inspired by" and not an actual pattern. Wow! Love, love pumpkin soup, too. I hope all is well with you and yours. I've been out of touch on all fronts so I know how life can change your priorities. Wishing you well.


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