Sunday, 29 September 2013

Thanks to everyone

I wrote this back in May, but I didn't realise I hadn't posted it back then:

I wanted to say thanks for all the well wishes and prayers for my daughter.
God was listening. She came out of the coma late on 29th March - Good Friday (a very good day). She still has a long way to go yet, but thank God she has survived, despite the odds, amazing the hospital staff, who didn't think she'd make it.
She'll need to work hard with physio to get back on her feet, and speech therapy to help her recover her voice, but she is for now, free from tubes and lines etc.

Our beautiful girl has been given back to us.

Since writing this, she has improved and though she remained in hospital, for what seemed like forever, we have had her home now for just over 2 months. Her mobility is slow but improving and her voice is getting better. She is still working hard to get stronger with lots of help from therapists.

Thanks for all your kind words, these were comforting to read during this very difficult time.

I hope to get back into doing what I love, creating, soon.

Alexandra xx


  1. I am so happy to hear of your daughter's recovery! Miracles happen every single day, don't they! I know with you by her side & all the prayers surrounding her she will win her battle & be back to full strength soon. I'll add you all to my prayers tonite.

  2. great news Alexandra that your daughter is making a good's amazing what lots of love can do...sending you all big hugs kath xxx

  3. Good to hear she is continuing to improve!

  4. Hi Alexandra, thank you so much for the update, it is so good to hear that your lovely daughter is home and making good progress - long may it continue. Big hugs, Anne xx

  5. I'm so glad to hear this, Alexandra. You must be taking your first deep breaths for a long time. My most sincere wishes for her complete and quick recovery.


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