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Saturday, 10 January 2015

In the dog house!

Belated Christmas & Happy New Year wishes. I know this is very late but I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wanted to wish you all the best for 2015.

Amy & Piper playing Tug O' War

The night after the photo above was taken which was only a couple of days after my last post, we discovered a lump between the toes in our sweet dog, Piper's paw. She hadn't showed any sign of anything wrong, not even a limp before this so it was a shock.
It was checked out as soon as the vet opened and was quickly diagnosed as cancer. She went through surgery the next day. This was her days after her operation.

About 10 days after her op' she started 3 weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy too. Her poor paw got really sore the further into her treatment she got, and ended up bandaged for 3 weeks. She even went off eating and anyone with a labrador will know they love their food. So you can imagine my heart wasn't in the mood for celebrating this year.

She got her bandage off 3 days ago and is still in early stages of her recovery from her treatment and my "Hoppy puppy" needs lots of help getting about not to mention the medication for pain etc. She has been such a star and sooo brave during all this, not a growl or a grump.

Here's Amy, her silly sister in her favourite pose sleeping.

I hope this year is a better one for everyone.

love Alexandra xx