Wednesday, 29 November 2017

I'm still here and crafting again.

I haven't been around much lately, sorry. My old dad has had a lot of health issues in the past few years so my priorities have been with him while he needed so much help and support. Sadly I lost dad at the end of July. My heart was broken and I haven't been into creating for a long, long time. However I am determined to get back on the proverbial horse, and seriously look for my mojo. 

I wanted to share a card I finished making today and small up-cycled jam jar to package a wee gift of some sweets for a work colleague who is starting a new job. 

The wee heart dangler here, 
I made a while ago (Feb /March 2014) using home made paper clay and silicone moulds. I used a light weight wall filler instead of joint compound which I wasn't sure about here in UK. I made a huge lump of clay at the time and had fun playing with this. Check out this post from my blog archives,
You can find the recipe on the website of Jonni Good if you want it here;

I have a few more things I have created but never posted yet and I'll be back to share them with you soon.

Thanks for popping by.
Alexandra xx

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